"THROW BACK" lol [brightest night darkest days mini documentary] ..  by far my favorite project..artisticly..i listen to some songs on there..and just say…..this is just .really what i want my music to be like…i want to get it remastered….i think one thing i fucked up on..was how i pushed it…i think the way i pushed it ..added up to the way i recorded it….i found a  studio.. and basically i worked all week..went to the studio on the weekends for 3weeks straight in december..to really recorded…i had recorded "words to get vagina" ,"spiked dreams",homeless man hunger" and "15" at my house ..i told myself that the process for InTheory  almost feels like the same process for brightest nights darkest days..that project is almost a year old .shit is crazy how time fly and what has changed since the project.and what i learned and etc…………………..In Theory documentary coming soon